5 Steps To Success

I was that kid all the parents loved having over because my idea of fun was cleaning out a messy closet or organizing a room and truthfully, I still think it is fun and offer my services regularly as my “gift” to friends. Remember the scene from the movie “Sex and the City” when the girls are helping Sarah Jessica Parker clean out her closet before she moved out of her apartment? Now THAT’S my idea of a fun girl’s night out event.

So it will come as no surprise that I created and present a workshop on this topic complete with handouts and props. Pointers from this presentation landed me a spot with Tacoma Perry on FOX 5 News where I helped this TV personality purge her closet using my 6 pile process. It is airing as a piece for National Procrastination Day, which is Sept 6. We all procrastinate about some things and hers was her closet so it was a perfect fit.

I will share my 6 piles and a little bit of explanation on each.
First the piles:

Mend/dry clean

Keeps are the clothes that you wear with confidence and grace. They have earned the right to take up space in your closet. You feel good and comfortable whenever you wear them. Rehang them on matching hangers.

Sells are the pieces that are mistakes, you purchased them on impulse, or they were a gift, on the clearance rack or for whatever reason landed in your closet but they don’t feel right for you. They are in style, have little or no wear and have value in the resale marketplace. These you can take to a consignment shop. Leave them on hangers…..please!

Donates are the pieces that you loved but no longer work for you. It could be size, style or wear but they are not up to consignment shop standards. However, they may have value for a thrift store and bring needed cash for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, I just found a thrift store with a great cause where I plan to send some of my donates but that’s a topic for another day. Put donates in black bags.

Toss is a pile for clothing too worn or torn or damaged to sell anywhere. I have volunteered at thrift stores and know how time consuming it is to go through bags of clothing that should have been trashed. It is a waste of precious time and man power, so don’t do it. Remember, you want to support this charity and not waste their time with your donations. Put tosses in white bags.

Mend/Dry Cleaning is a pile that must be dealt with regularly. Don’t let it pile up for weeks in your closet. Get those clothes back into your rotation quickly. I like a laundry basket for these.

Archive is the pile for things that you just can’t part with but at the current time is not earning its keep in your closet. It could be a few items you love but cannot fit into right now or a cool top from the 70’s that you break out for every retro party. The key is that your closet needs to be a reflection of what you need for life right now. So, everything cannot go in this pile, only a select few special pieces. Giant Ziploc bags that fit under the bed work perfectly for this pile.

So there you have it, now get started. There are tons of consignment shops to chose from, each with its own special niche, waiting for you to show up. Be sure to check stores’ websites for consignment specifics.
Happy Purging!!
–Bonnie Kallenberg